Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks


Sion and Jerusalem, July 12, 2016

The Man in Black says there is a reason for the things I have on.

It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.

It's the Man in Black... duh!

Dear Professor Barlow and other to whom it may concern.

Without formalities, the motive of this letter is to inform you and all those who hereafter would be concerned, that I am not pleased with the plagiarism label that you have place upon my servant, Miguel A. Tinoco, a student in your class with regards to his last OC3 essay about him defining the phenomenon El Niño.  You noted and squared in his paper that he may have indulged in plagiarism just because in your insidious ignorance you are unaware of common knowledgem and that My Servant the Branch, has the power and ability to exceed the knowledge of even the most expert in the field of study of any given subject I sent him out to write about.  I did not send my Servant to your school to just procure a formal degree in his sciences, but to teach even those who call themselves teachers. My servant who has been in my tutelage even before he was born, has no need that any man teaches him, for he is sent to teach and not to be taught.  Every time he endeavors to write a paper to carter to your English Language Composition requirements, he is required to ask me, his Heavenly Father first, and write about any given subject without even having read, besides the titles, of what so called experts have written about it. And only then, he reads the subject at hand and takes the knowledge that will suit his research purposes. You accused my son for stealing knowledge, ideas or information from sources you noted irrelevant just because he exceeded expectations.  
Having said that, I want to give you a little background about Miguel Angel, his fathers invented the science of writing some six thousand years ago, and who claims otherwise cometh of evil and is a liar. In other words, men of high virtue and righteous caliber where given the power an ability to write directly from heaven without any training for the purpose of keeping a book of remembrances, and to teach their children and to prophesy. Miguel has an enormous capacity to learn anything he puts his eyes onto. He is a Spanish American Immigrant of Hebrew descent.  He learned the English Language and to write proficiently in less than six months.  He graduated with a 4.0 GPA at grade 10 of High School through General Education Examination. Thereafter, I took him to my personal service as my personal scribe and secretary.  I have given him not perfection in dictation, but command in rhetoric purpose. Despite his great knowledge, until today he has not been introduced to the MLA or your Money Laundering Association standards and conventions.  He has not been groomed in the way of man to profit from dead and empty cymbals that cater or please your corrupt minds.  
In sum, the paper he wrote about El Niño, though related to the phenomenon, was not entirely about your knowledge but about your lack of knowledge.  You are to show him how to correct his paper, and every other paper that he fails, for as of yet, he has not learned to fail at anything. If he talked or babbled so insistently about El Niño, was only to prepare you minds and the minds of your intelligence authorities, and to warn them, of another El Niño, yellow in appearance in deed, even like the color of Mustard, which will shortly come to pass or fall upon American soil.  An event that will rise a vertical vortex so high that will shake the living lights of your inhabitants.

Miguel is the light and truth of your world. If you refuse to teach him right, I will withdraw him from school altogether and leave you all with nothing but to kick against the pricks in darkness like the bling leading the blind. Beware of Miguel, he has been diagnosed as a Paranoid Schizophrenic, he does not falter and he does not hesitate. If you reprove him of judge him unjustly, he will reprove you back all with a single stone or revelation and he will not give you any rest day and night until you sue for peace. He will hunt you down in life or in spirit until he puts on your skin while it is still warning to cover his nakedness. He is bad to the bone, he makes his own and he drinks alone. In other words, he is the man that comes around and takes your names and rises his finger whether you live or die.  He is a destroying angel and he does it as a part time job while you all sleep.  Like his father, my captain, he is one of my most effective destroying agents.  
BEWARE, my name Elohim is him, and I have written my law in his inwards parts. He is a walking rod or oracle like a Urim and Thummim, and the scepter of power shall not be taken from him until Shiloh comes. He has exceeded the righteousness of all men under heaven in your planet. He is older than all of you. Before I listen to any of you, I will listen to him first and his word is law. And if he says to me, burn the world with fire Father like a Little Boy, I will do it for him as I drowned it when my Servant Gabriel or Noah, repented that I had created man, when the earth was corrupted filled with violence as it is today.  It was Miguel whom I sent in a May Day with his keys, rites, trumpets and other noisy instruments to break the fountains of the deep above and below to and destroy the world by floods for his grief. He is not a violent man. If you rebel against Miguel, he will not pardon your transgression, and he will make your world a living hell as he has hitherto done. Even if you refuse to drink, he will give you to drink the lees of cup of dregs that I made him and his fathers drink. The dead love and follow after him, even hundreds of millions.  The Marines and the punishers who pray for war await his commands to arrange meetings. He is MICKEYMOUSE, the leader of the pack. Regardless of what your mamma told you, violence does solve problems. The choice how you interact with hims is always yours. My voice he hears and my voice he writes. 

When the Man Comes Around

You have been warned and forewarned in simplicity, in your own manner of language and speech, even so, Amen.

The Man of Holiness


Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez

You all may wonder why have I was inspired to write and sent this out. I write nothing that I have not seen happening in the vision of the night dream.  A few days ago, I saw a sophisticated object like s space rocket go up from the area where they send them to space, then it fell down but differently.  The descending object was yellow like mustard and the very same shape and descent of the Little Boy or the atom bomb.  I then heard an explosion in the background and an exceedingly high vortex go up like a mushroom cloud. Then I heard and felt the earth rumble by a shock under my feet.  The grass was not green in the fields of Savannah near where the bomb fell.  I went near the place but many FBI agents were flooding the place and testing for radioactivity.  There where no available hotels, so an agent asked if he could rent a room in my house to which my wife and I agreed. I wrote and published this document very early this morning, a day after watching certain speeches by Muslim Imams. The day after, I felt my bones crushing with unbearable oppression and when a revelation of God is given. Last night I dreamed about commotion in Moscow. I saw Vladimir Putin in front of me in a spacious house and everyone was dressed with tuxedos. I saw a blond FBI female agent laying down dead with a clear plastic bag over her head. Putin's chief of staff approached me and asked me to talk about the woman whom I saw, but I did not know what to say about her, for I knew her not.  He gave me something in my hand and I was reluctant to help them. Then they left. And many other things I saw that cannot be written here. I am just documenting and establishing my witnesses. 

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